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This ramp spans lithofacies that range from desiccation crack-bearing, silty, dolomitic carbonates in the south to cross-bedded skeletal grain-stones further north, to brachiopod-rich offshore packstones in the deepest part of the transect.
There, herbivory by the Mexican ground squirrel (Spermophilus mexicanus) was the primary cause of mortality (42%), closely followed by an unidentified cerambicid beetle (40%) and a plant pathogen (Phytophtora infestans, 19%); deaths due to desiccation were not included.
they have no dormancy and very low tolerance to desiccation (Norstog & Nicholls, 1997).
Measurement of chlorophyll a fluorescence has been used in bryophyte studies mostly for desiccation tolerance analysis (Deltoro et al.
2004), and the ability to regenerate after desiccation (Diamond et al.
The plates were stored at room temperature and allowed to dehydrate to complete desiccation over a 1-week period.
A new documentary which premiered Tuesday at a film festival in Spain graphically depicts the dramatic desiccation of the Aral Sea in Central Asia.
Among the topics are aspects to consider when selecting a method for assessing chemical risk as seen in the case of occupational formaldehyde exposure, factors controlling the release of arsenic from mining tailings, controlling groundwater pollution from petroleum product leaks, a new isolation method of desiccation tolerant microorganisms for bioremediating arid and semiarid soils, adapting bacterial biotests for monitoring mycotoxins, and high-throughput analysis of multiple stress pathways using green fluorescent protein reporters in the nematode Caenothabditis elegans.
This suggests that lerps offer the nymphs some form of protection against desiccation and predation.
The book as a whole is elegiac, suffused with the human spirit's struggle against the inevitability of death, which is captured in dichotomous imagery: of water and wetness in all its forms set against desiccation, of memory and forgetfulness, of body and soul.
Acquisition of Desiccation Tolerance during Seed Development in Phalaenopsis.