desktop PC

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desktop PC

Depending on context, the term may be used in several ways as follows.

Any User's Machine
A desktop PC can refer to any user's machine, whether Windows, Mac or Linux or style of case. However, the term "PC" by itself would be more common for this generic usage, and the terms "Windows desktop," "Mac desktop," etc. would be more specific. See desktop computer.

Client Vs. Server
The desktop PC is a client (the user's machine) in contrast to a network server. See desktop computer, client and server.

Stationary Vs. Portable
The desktop PC is a user's computer in a desktop or tower case in contrast to a portable computer. See laptop and tower case.

On the Desk Vs. the Floor
A desktop PC may refer to a unit that is designed for the top of the desk, such as an all-in-one or a very small case, in contrast to a floor-standing tower. See tower case and all-in-one.
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The HP Slimline, HP Pavilion and HP Elite desktop PCs include the HP MediaSmart software suite, a one-stop solution for multimedia and entertainment.
Laptops still carry price tags hundreds or even thousands of dollars higher than those of comparable desktop PCs.
IDC, an analyst researching information technology companies and markets, has revealed that laptops are expected to overtake desktop PCs as the dominant form of computer in 2011.
Worldwide Desktop PC Market Volume by CPU Connector Type, 1Q 2008 - 2Q 2010
In the segment for desktop PC processors, Intel grew share 0.
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As the world's highest performing desktop PC processor, the AMD Athlon XP processor 2100+ features QuantiSpeed architecture, which enhances the performance of software applications such as photo editing, visual computing and 3D gaming.