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The NetOp Desktop Firewall offers the ability to centrally manage and control the configuration of all the desktop firewall activity on a private network.
Norton Internet Security Family Edition offers a comprehensive desktop firewall solution together with Norton AntiVirus protection, Norton Parental Control and Norton Privacy Control to prevent personal data from being sent over the web without the user's knowledge.
NetOp Desktop Firewall is a distributed firewall for monitoring computer processes and communication.
5 include support for Windows Vista, a centralized desktop firewall feature that acts as a barrier against malicious intrusions, and browser protection, delivered via McAfee's SiteAdvisor service, which protects users from Web sites known or suspected to harbor malware.
They include antivirus and desktop firewall with intrusion prevention, antispam and antispyware solutions, as well as network control solutions for Internet Service Providers.
In addition to industry leading anti-virus, encryption, desktop firewall, intrusion detection, viral vulnerability assessment and online managed services, all McAfee security products are backed by the a world-leading anti-virus research organization, McAfee AVERT(TM) (Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team).
a leading provider of intrusion prevention solutions, has introduced McAfee(R) Desktop Firewall 8.
McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention offers the industry's most advanced zero-day protection through combined behavioral, signature and desktop firewall functionality, reducing the urgency and frequency of system patches.
a leader in Internet security, has announced that the United States Department of Defense (DOD) will deploy Symantec's Desktop Firewall to protect against malicious code and cyber attack throughout the agency's desktop computer network worldwide.
Its award-winning products include antivirus, network encryption, desktop firewall with intrusion prevention, anti-spam and parental control.
We tested various desktop firewall solutions and decided that ZoneAlarm Pro was the most effective for our needs," said Detlef Eurich, Chief Information Security Officer, EDS.
Security includes internet filter NetOp Netfilter and NetOp Desktop Firewall, a distributed firewall for monitoring processes and communication on computers.