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desktop search

A stand-alone application or function built into the operating system that is used to find data in a user's computer, including the built-in drives and any external drives that may be connected. Desktop search is standard in Windows and Mac, and users can search file and folder names, the meta-data (title, author, etc.) within multimedia files and the content of popular file formats such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, e-mail messages and contact lists. The Web can also be added to the search.

Indexes are the Key to Quick Searches
In order to search the computer quickly, desktop search programs create and maintain indexes of the computer's files. It can take several minutes to index all the files the first time; however, subsequent file additions and deletions are indexed in real time.

Enterprise Search
Enterprise search extends desktop search across the local network, allowing authorized users to search for data in servers and other users' computers. See Google Desktop and Win Desktop search.

The Mac's Desktop Search
Spotlight is the desktop search in Mac OS X. Spotlight searches for data in all these categories of data within the computer unless the user unchecks a selection.
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The application analyzes the context of what users are doing on their computers and proactively finds relevant information from preferred desktop search applications like the MSN Search Toolbar, search engines, news sites, shopping sites, blogs, research services, and corporate knowledge and document management systems.
Shortly thereafter Google introduced Google Desktop Search, which does the same thing but it's so fast and accurate you almost don't have to think about where you store files.
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Laplink Everywhere 4 Harnesses the Power of Google's(TM) Desktop Search to let you Easily and Securely Search Your PCs Remotely From any Internet-Enabled Computer, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Palm, or Symbian Handheld Device
a recognized leader in desktop search, has announced planned support for the IBM Lotus Notes email messaging system and future support of IBM Workplace within its award-winning desktop search application, X1 Desktop Search.
Desktop Search can search any Web page a user has ever visited, any e-mail they have ever opened, and the transcript of any instant message they have ever sent or received.
Google Desktop Search, which indexes a computer's contents allowing users to search their hard drives for data, may also pose a privacy and security risk.
11, a free updater of the desktop search and content extraction engine for InDesign and other formats on Macintosh.
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