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DeskView for Java takes the power of DeskView and extends it
DeskView also pops up text alerts on their workstations along with optional alert tones to ensure that important events are not missed.
July 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Ericom(R) Software, a leading provider of Enterprise-Wide Application Access solutions, announces the availability of its virtual desktop solution for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, Datacenter Edition - PowerTerm WebConnect DeskView.
PowerTerm WebConnect DeskView enables companies to achieve 100% effective desktop virtualization by complementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) with Windows Terminal Services.
On the output side, SYMON(2000) supports a wide selection of visual display devices for real-time reporting and alerting such as NetBrite (the industry's leading fully integrated Ethernet TCP/IP wallboard family); DeskView (award-winning agent desktop "soft wallboard" application for single-site, multisite or home-agent environments in either a client/server or thin client browser-based version); and wireless devices for supervisor exception alerts (pagers, cell phone, PDAs), large SVGA/TV monitors, etc.
With a fulfillment center servicing the online store located within The Container Store distribution center, the Symon DeskView product is helping both packers and supervisors see the status of orders at their PC work stations.
SYMON's award-winning NetBrite [TM] and NetLite [TM] LED displays offer patented full-matrix Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity, along with Cat 5 wiring, Telnet, PING and TFTR DeskView [TM] displays information on desktops using a variety of text and graphical screen pops.
Ericom Software, a leading provider of Enterprise-Wide Application Access solutions, today announces the availability of its next-generation desktop virtualization solution for IBM BladeCenter, PowerTerm(R) WebConnect DeskView.
DeskView Migrate supplements DeskView Admin with software distribution features that simplify the switch to a newer Microsoft operating system (migrating user-specific settings, for example) while considerably reducing the associated costs.
A memorandum of understanding has also been signed between the two companies to integrate the DeskView functionality into the recently released Altiris 6.
The PCs reportedly feature the DeskView manageability solution, which enables software to be updated even when a PC is switched off, as well as the DeskView Load application, which allows PCs to be preconfigured at the factory and delivered with custom software packages pre-installed.
In combination with the Intel vPro technology, the DeskView manageability solution from Fujitsu Siemens Computers for example, enables software to be updated even when a PC is switched off.