Noise reduction

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noise reduction

[′nȯiz ri‚dək·shən]
(engineering acoustics)
A process whereby the average transmission of the sound track of a motion picture print, averaged across the track, is decreased for signals of low level; since background noise introduced by the sound track is less at low transmission, this process reduces noise during soft passages.

Noise reduction

Reducing the level of unwanted sound by any of several means of acoustical treatment.

noise reduction, NR

The difference in decibels between the average sound pressure levels produced in two rooms by a sound source in one of them.
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The methods are - Spatial for high frequency or fine noise, Threshold for light grain, Temporal for heavy or large grain and noise patterns, and Despeckle for uneven grain and/or noise.
To name a few, the filters include: Smart Deinterlace, Hue, Saturation, Brightness & Contrast adjustments, Despeckle, Noise Removal, Crop, Local Contrast adjustment, Film Grain, Motion Blur, Mosaic, Flip/Rotate, and Auto Adjustment.
Available effects include Adding Text, Anti-Alias, Average, Contrast, Deskew, Despeckle, Emboss, Gamma Correct, Grayscale, Hue, Intensity, Invert, Median, Mosaic, Motion Blur, Oilify, Posterize, Saturation, Sepia Tone, Sharpen, Solarize, Stamp, and more.
Images can be processed (Add Noise, Anti-alias, Average, Brightness, Color Resolution, Contrast, Despeckle, Emboss, Gamma Correct, Gaussian Filter, Grayscale, Hue, Intensity Detect, Invert, Median, Mosaic, Motion Blur, Oilify, Posterize, Remove Redeye, Saturation, Sharpen, Shear, Solarize), and the functions can be applied directly from the context menu, offering a very streamlined experience.
Adjustments to brightness and contrast, as well as blur, mask, and despeckle filters can also be applied - all through easy-to-understand controls in the context-sensitive Measurements.
The program includes enhanced optical character recognition (OCR), page deskew & despeckle, blank page removal, barcode recognition and other image processing workflow processes.
Additional scanning and indexing features include: -- Optional Zonal OCR module for automated forms processing -- "Point and shoot" OCR functionality for easy indexing of unstructured documents -- Many configurable image processing features, such as despeckle, deskew, and blank-page detection -- Optional ability to read many types of barcodes for document separation and document indexing automation -- Support for local folder watching to enable scanning from common AIO ("All-in-One") desktop scanning devices
We wanted a solution that would automatically straighten, despeckle, crop and threshold these images and Prizm Gray had all the features we needed.
Its features include TWAIN scanning, deskew, despeckle, output to PDF, barcode reading, annotations and many other items, as well as support for viewing standard JPEG's, TIFF, BMP, CALS, and now JPEG 2000 image files.
This module has been expanded to provide image clean-up functionality to correct image defects resulting from scanning such as despeckle, deskew, rotate, crop/resize and view images in gray scale.
Dispatcher for Alchemy allows for the automation of several of the most commonly used document manipulation operations such as OCR, despeckle, deskew and split TIFFs, relative to Alchemy, a full scanning and document management solution from Information Management Research, Inc.