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What does it mean when you dream about dessert?

Our society is obsessed with food, especially with tasty, fattening food, making something as seemingly simple as dessert a rich source of symbolic associations. Desserts can represent enjoying the good things of life, indulgence, overindulgence, celebration, reward, and temptation. Because they are served at the end of the meal, they often indicate the final stage or the completion of a project.

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11 January 2018 - Minnesota, US-based Dessert Holdings has acquired Georgia, US-based frozen cheesecake manufacturer Atlanta Cheesecake Company (ACC) to enhance premium dessert offerings, the company said.
Equipped with a powerful compressor and refrigeration system, the Frozen Dessert Machine makes up to one quart of frozen dessert in just minutes.
The business sells a selection of cheesecakes, brownies, and ice cream sundaes, but Mr Ion wants to expand his range to include more unusual desserts.
Salted egg has carved its spot as a rising star among dessert ingredients.
One case in point is the Edwards dessert brand, from Marshall, Minn.
Here are seven reasons you should check out The Little Dessert Shop: ?
The dessert market in both the casual and high-end segments of the F&B industry is one of the most resilient.
Americans have been steadily cutting back the number of items served at a main meal, and dessert ranks fourth on the list for a meal after the main dish, vegetable and starch.
HONG KONG, May 12, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - Gayety Holdings Limited ("Gayety" or the "Group"; Stock Code: 8179) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the legal owner of Guangzhou Doreme Catering Management Limited ("Doreme") regarding the disposal of 10% of the equity interests in Lucky Dessert (China) Holdings Limited ("Lucky Dessert (BVI)").
The development follows research carried out by Bidvest 3663 into its customers' buying habits across the frozen dessert category.
The current record is held by Massachusetts in the US, where 794 dessert fanatics indulged in sweets by a firm known as the Friendly's Ice Cream.
Fruit is also commonly found in dessert courses because of its natural sweetness.