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The samples were removed and placed in a dessicator too cool to at room temperature.
Measurements Samples were cut; ~15 mm X ~15 mm X 3 mm and stored in a dessicator for 1 day before use.
It was heated to boiling and allowed to boil for 1 min and then filtered through filter paper that had been washed with hot water, oven-dried for 2 hr at 100[degrees]C, cooled in a dessicator and weighed.
The dried cake was milled into fine particles and sieved into an air-tight container and kept in a dessicator for further use.
On the next afternoon, the aluminum pans were heated in a drying oven at 80 [degrees]C for 15 min and then placed in a dessicator for 5 min.
Finally the jars were placed in a dessicator with silica gel with just enough HMDS to cover the specimens.
No formaldehyde emission was found in the panels bonded with such an adhesive system when tested according to the relevant dessicator test (JIS A 5908).
All the soil constituents were stored in a dessicator above silica gel.
8 mm in height, and the samples were kept in a dessicator for at least 24 hr before the tests.
After incineration and cooling down in a dessicator, the sample is weighed and the cinder content is calculated.
The ash content was determined by weighing 5g of sample in triplicate and heated in a muffle furnace at 550oC for 4 hours, cooled to about 100oC in the furnace and then transferred into a dessicator to cool to room temperature; weighed, and ash calculated as g/100g original sample.