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(computer science)
The location (record, file, document, program, device, or disk) to which information is moved or copied.

What does it mean when you dream about a destination?

Traveling toward a destination or arriving at a destination in a dream is often a fairly straightforward representation of the achievement of our desires and ambitions.

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In aggravated cases, that is when the obstructions are many, or of such a nature as to deflect the bow more than forty-five degrees in any direction, or when the craft has reached its destination and dropped to within a hundred yards of the ground, the mechanism brings her to a full stop, at the same time sounding a loud alarm which will instantly awaken the pilot.
Tourism has always been a top driver of jobs and taxes," said Destination Marketing Association International President and CEO Michael Gehrisch.
With new routes to Latin America, connecting flights to Asia and Europe, and nonstop service to 160 destinations worldwide, DFW Airport is a fast-growing global gateway that connects Dallas-Fort Worth to the world.
According to Finnigan, sales should not be thrown back to the shipping state if any member of the unitary group is taxable in the destination state.
Figure 24: Forecast arrivals and receipts by 32 main destination countries, 2005-20
nd] The Knot Market Intelligence Destination Weddings Study today.
The origin state cedes its power to impose the provisional tax on outbound sales, however, if the destination state's tax is timely paid.
In addition to Windows Live Spaces, current destination options include online communities such as YouTube, Buzznet, Dada.
NEW YORK, May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite reported budget cuts for traditional weddings, destination wedding budgets have increased.
My family and I were looking for a travel option that fit our needs -- we're active and love exploring new areas -- Private Escapes Destination Clubs fit the bill perfectly because of its residences all over the world and stellar locations," said Young.
For CTI 101 graduates looking for a more hands-on experience, CTI 102 offers classroom-style education within the destination.