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(chemical engineering)
The removal of sulfur, as from molten metals or petroleum oil.



a combination of physicochemical processes that promote the removal of sulfur from molten metal (cast iron, steel). It consists in converting the sulfur dissolved in the metal to sulfides that are either insoluble or poorly soluble in the liquid metal bath (for example, MnS, MgS , CaS, and Na2S). Examples of desulfurizers are lime, sodium carbonate, and metallic magnesium.

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JET's core technology is the Efficient Ammonia Desulfurization (EADS) wet gas scrubbing process.
shall transfer the desulfurization tariffs to Datang Technology
The report “Flue Gas Desulfurization Market Analysis By Technology (Wet FGD Systems, Dry FGD Systems), By Application (New Systems, Reagents & Replacements) And Segment Forecasts To 2020,” is available now to Grand View Research customers and can also be purchased directly at http://www.
BHEL has been eager to introduce advanced desulfurization technologies ahead of India's anticipated tightening of the country's environmental regulations going forward, in order to secure a leading position within this market.
Its desulfurization equipment, meanwhile, is used in thermal power plants throughout the world, including equipment installed in units No.
Based on our experiments it may be concluded that it is impossible to obtain low sulfur content in desulfurization process only with extraction process.
The desulfurization units will be installed at Endesa's two power plants in Compostilla in northern Spain to clean up emissions from the facilities' coal-fired boilers.
According to Engelhard, desulfurization of fuels is "key" to making fuel cells commercially viable because "sulfur compounds poison fuel cells, lowering their useful life.
Penn State University researchers have developed a new fuel desulfurization process that uses lower temperatures than current methods and does not require reactive gases.
Energy Biosystems Corporation (The Woodlands, TX) has patented an isolated nucleic acid molecule which encodes one or more of the enzymes which catalyze one or more steps in the desulfurization of thiophene, or a homologue or active fragment thereof.
Other presentations included the preliminary results of the AFS Coreless Furnace Committee survey of oxygen levels in iron foundries (113), two dissolved oxygen studies that examined calcium carbide desulfurization (104) and rapid determination of sulfur in desulfurized iron (105) and practical operator-based panels that focused on refractory problems in channel furnaces as well as proper coreless induction melting practices.