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a. (in Britain) a police officer ranking between constable and inspector
b. (in the US) a police officer ranking below a captain
3. a court or municipal officer who has ceremonial duties
4. (formerly) a tenant by military service, not of knightly rank



a military rank in the armed forces of the USSR and many other countries. In Russia the rank of sergeant dates from the 17th century in regiments formed on the West European model and in the Russian Army before 1798. In the USSR the ranks of junior sergeant, sergeant, and senior sergeant were introduced in 1940.

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The second passer-by was Detective Sergeant Robert Whitter-Jones, an experienced officer based at Swansea.
Detective Sergeant Dave Trotter, of Avon and Somerset Constabulary's serious crime group, said, 'This man has been stealing from people all over the country.
Detective Sergeant Dave Powell from Aldershot CID said: "It was an unprovoked attack on an officer who was carrying out his duties.
Operation head Detective Sergeant Kevin Bowden said the number of such crimes had fallen since the launch of Operation Guardian last year.
Detective Sergeant Gerrard Amadeo told a city inquest her husband, Agha Shah, who had previously appeared before a court charged with attempted murder, had now been charged with murder.
When she landed the part of Detective Sergeant Becky Bennett in Out of the Blue, she learned to drive in just one week - and spent time with a busy CID team.
A SENIOR RUC intelligence officer who crossed the border to meet confidential sources said he trusted a controversial former garda detective sergeant with his life.
Detective Sergeant Paul Mason, of Bridgend CID, said: "This was a cowardly crime committed on a vulnerable and defenceless elderly woman.
Contact Detective Sergeant Adrian Bradley on 01642 303126 or Detective Sergeant Brian Simpson from North Yorkshire Constabulary on 0845 6060247.
Last night, Detective Sergeant John Mellon appealed for witnesses, adding: 'Inquiries are at a very early stage.
Detective Sergeant Gary Phillips, the investigating officer, said inquiries by Dyfed-Powys Police and the Health & Safety Executive were ongoing in order to establish the cause of death.
Detective Sergeant John McDermott said it was one of the worst sexual assaults he has investigated.