system development life cycle

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system development life cycle

The sequence of events in the development of an information system (application), which requires mutual effort on the part of both the user and technical staff. See agile software development and information processing cycle.

feasibility study
general design
detail design
functional specifications





The System Development Life Cycle
From information requirements to final implementation, the system development life cycle is an ongoing process. As the business changes, information requirements change, and the cycle continues.
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The difference in development cycles between the electronics and automotive industries is well-known, so incorporating personal electronic equipment into the vehicle that will remain current in function and features through the development cycle, not to mention the life of the car, would be pretty tough.
The highly compact Encirq technology is being used successfully to improve productivity and shorten development cycle on a wide range of products --from autos to cell phones.
By clearly defining an API (Application Programming Interface) at each tier in the architecture, it allowed for a more sophisticated development cycle.
But given the direction more and more OEMs are taking, molders that can't provide value from the beginning of the development cycle will be seen as marginal suppliers and will be in a precarious position.
That included the performance-to-development schedule, development cycle time and manufacturability (design quality).
As a result, DEMA expects to greatly reduce development cycle times and design costs while quickening "time-to-part" in order to meet demanding delivery timeframes.
Additionally, by handing our development team a clear blueprint of what to build, we shaved significant time off the development cycle.
Pharmatech Associates, a leader in biopharma manufacturing process methodology, today announced that it has established a Regulatory Compliance Group staffed with former-FDA experts and offering a scientific methodology to ensure long-term compliance throughout the drug and device development cycle.
New Gen2 PCI Express[TM] LinkUP Trainer Designed to Optimize Product Development Cycle
XJTAG enables circuit designers to cut the cost and shorten the development cycle by facilitating early test development, early design validation of CAD netlists, fast generation of highly functional tests and test re-use across circuits that utilise the same devices.
Javelin's SPP-powered product, to be unveiled later this summer, brings architectural, logic and physical domains together in a single environment, enabling engineering teams to evaluate physical design feasibility from the earliest architectural stage in the ASIC or SoC development cycle.
Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works (MHI Kobe), has achieved substantial benefits from its deployment of Pro/ENGINEER, including cutting the product development cycle time and cost in half.

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