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Microsoft's continued drive to minimize Windows system outages depends heavily upon high-quality, fully-tested device drivers," said Al Gillen, Research Director, System Software at IDC.
The device drivers are provided as compiled binaries with every PLDA PCI Express IP core and FPGA design kit.
Compuware Corporation today announced at the Microsoft WinHEC 2003 Conference (booth #809/811) that it is demonstrating the upcoming new version of its device driver development suite.
The job responsibilities of most IT professionals are so vast that they often lack a deep technical understanding of device drivers and their critical role in deployment.
Adtran Corporation of Huntsville, AL was another early customer to use the MPC8260 Device Drivers as part of the development of their next generation Integrated Access Device.
It simply avoids the annoyance of device drivers, intermediate file formats, specialized interfaces between devices, and the like.
0 of their industry leading WinDK Device Driver Development Kit, with the new Device Driver Wizard technology, the most efficient tool to develop robust, high speed and high quality device drivers for Windows NT 4.
At this point, it appears that handset manufacturers are still not convinced that MEMS sensors are worth spending the money necessary to create the device drivers needed, mostly because there's uncertainty about whether consumers will like MEMS-enabled features enough to pay more for them," says Marlene Bourne, Principal Analyst.
The DigiBoard Menu Interface allows users to change the parameters of the computer system, for example reconfiguring the device drivers or adding another concentrator, without having to un-install the drivers and then re-install with a new configuration.
Bourne Research reports that the need for device drivers provides an opportunity for those who specialize in embedded software development; however, partnerships with MEMS suppliers may be difficult to put into place -- for both start-ups and large semiconductor players alike.
We expect Corel's device drivers to become the standard for controlling SCSI devices.

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