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diabolus from a single male specimen from Devil's Den Cave at Devil's Den State Park, Washington County, Arkansas.
This pseudoscorpion was described as Microcreagis ozarkensis by Hoff (1945) from specimens collected from Devil's Den State Park and Farmington, Washington County, Arkansas (Hoff 1945).
The new hotel also offers convenient lodging for such leisure attractions as Beaver Lake and Devil's Den State Park.
Leisure travelers will appreciate the hotel's proximity to the Ozark Mountains, Beaver Lake and Devil's Den State Park.
Devil's Den State Park in northwest Arkansas packs a multitude of hiking trails, bluffs, caves, crevices and other forest features ready to be explored.
Devil's Den State Park Features a small lake; 14 cabins; hiking, horseback riding and mountain bike trails; nature programs; and Rent-A-back-pack.
The first issue features stories on white-water rafting in northwest Arkansas, fly-fishing and Devil's Den State Park and nutrition and exercise tips for getting back in shape after lazing around in winter and spring.
Devil's Den State Park Year-round Camping, cabins, hiking