Devils Lake

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Devils Lake.

1 200 sq mi (520 sq km), NE central N.Dak., the largest natural body of water in the state. In an area of typically inland drainage, Devils Lake can range from a dry lakebed to more than 400 sq mi (1,040 sq km) in size, at which point it drains into the Sheyenne and Red rivers. At much lower water levels it forms a series of lakes (Devils, East Devils, West Stump, and East Stump lakes) and has salty water. The irregularly shaped lake has fluctuated significantly in size in historical times; since 1993 it has tripled in size, and chronic local flooding led to construction of an outlet to the Sheyenne. The lake is a popular recreation area. The town of Devils Lake is on the north shore.

2 1 mi (1.6 km) long, in Devils Lake State Park, central Wis., NW of Madison. The clear, oval-shaped lake is ringed by bluffs, 400 to 500 ft (122–152 m) high. Native American mounds rest on its shores. The lake is a year-round resort.

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But the local flooding in Minot is an issue, even if the wind settles down on Devils Lake.
Based on results of the survey, the catch of young-of-the-year walleye in Devils Lake was the third highest on record.
Final Devils Lake, North Dakota Integrated Planning Report and Environmental Impact Statement.
Just to the northwest, deep-turquoise Devils Lake invites wading along its sandy shores and is a good spot for picnicking.
On the far side of the lake, the virtually all-white townspeople of Devils Lake are sticking with their name, partly out of loyalty to the revered local high school football team, the Satans.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Nash Finch Company (Nasdaq: NAFC), a Minneapolis-based food distributor, announced today that it joined with Leevers Foods to provide funding for resource rooms for the Devils Lake, ND School District and St.
For day-of forecasts, watch The Weather Channel: - Amityville, New York - Partly cloudy, near 60 (58-61) - Devils Lake, North Dakota - Partly cloudy/breezy, upper 30s (36-39) - Pumpkin Center, California (near Bakersfield) - Clear, mid 60s (64-67) - Skull Valley, Arizona - Clear, near 60 (57-61) - Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina - Partly cloudy, near 70 (68-71) - Casper, Wyoming - Partly cloudy, upper 40s (47-50) - Salem, Massachusetts - Partly cloudy/breezy, near 60 (59-62) - Wichita, Kansas - Partly cloudy, low 60s (62-65) - Erie, Pennsylvania - Partly cloudy/windy, near 60 (59-62) - Deadwood, South Dakota -Clear, mid 40s (45-48) - Ghost Creek, Florida - Scattered showers/windy, upper 70s (77-80) - Scary, West Virginia - Clear, mid 60s (64-67) WHERE: The Weather Channel Network
Visitors on the site can also enter to win a grand prize for a three night trip for two to Devils Lake, ND for a weekend of the best Walleye, Northern Pike, and White Bass fishing in North America.
Senator John Hoeven recently stated that it has been informed that Amtrak would be starting functioning with Grand Forks, Devils Lake and Rugby in North Dakota Saturday, March 1.
com)-- Lake Chevy has a full-service Body Shop attached to its Devils Lake showroom.
His success continued at Devils Lake in Devils Lake, N.
795,000 City of Devils Lake, ND, health facilities revenue bonds, series 1992;