Dhekelia Sovereign Base Area,


Eastern Sovereign Base Area,

British military base (2004 est. pop. 7,200), c.51 sq mi (131 sq km), SE Cyprus, on Larnaca Bay; an overseas territory of Great Britain. Dhekelia, which consists of two separate areas connected by a roadway, is located between Larnaca and Famagusta; the larger portion surrounds three small Cypriot enclaves. The base serves as a staging area for United Nations troops stationed in the Cyprus buffer zone. The residents are all military personnel or other British citizens. Dhekelia and AkrotiriAkrotiri
, Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area,
or Western Sovereign Base Area,
British air force base (2004 est. pop. 6,300), 47 sq mi (123 sq km), located on a peninsula on the SW Cyprus coast; an overseas territory of Great Britain.
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 remained under British sovereignty under the terms of the 1960 treaty that granted Cyprus independence.
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A Birmingham court on Thursday heard how a British soldier serving in Dhekelia, accused of being a member of banned neo-Nazi group National Action, had a swastika in his home.
Barrett, 24, who is based at Dhekelia Garrison, Cyprus, pled not guilty.
Sgt Alastair Smith, 36, of the 2nd Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, tied the knot with civilian Aaron Weston in Dhekelia, Cyprus.
However, as I have often been told by Cypriots, if it had not been for the belated turning out of the British garrison at Dhekelia, Turkish forces would have taken the whole island, for the British actions halted their advance.
The victim was serving in his regiment at Dhekelia, one of two bases Britain has maintained on the east Mediterranean island since independence in 1960.
According to the paper, the UK has two sovereign military bases in Cyprus at Dhekelia and Akrotiri.
The UK owns two military bases in Cyprus, one at Dhekelia and another at Akrotiri.
One of the units at the Dhekelia power station "stopped working" at 0445 local time, according to a spokesman at the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, followed by "a fault at the steam unit" at the alternative Moni power plant, reminiscent of the munitions blast last July that destroyed the main Vassiliko power station and sent the island into the Dark Ages.
This follows success abroad when the school's Year 10 and 11 teams completed a successful tour in Cyprus, both coming first in a competition held at Dhekelia Army Base against a Cypriot international school and another British school .
The acquitted soldiers were all from the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, based at Dhekelia, in the east of the island.
The soldiers, of the 2nd Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, based at Dhekelia, face up to five years' jail if convicted.
Some 3,650 British personnel and civilian workers are based in Cyprus at Dhekelia and the other military bases of RAF Akrotiri and Episkopi and Ayios Nikolaos.