a low-ranking post in the church, not included in the hierarchy (in contrast to priestly positions—bishops, priests, and deacons). After 1868 church servants were no longer considered part of the clergy in the Russian Orthodox Church and d’iachki were given the title of reader.

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Bancorp Community Development Corporation, Matt Josephs, of Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, and Mark Diachok, of the Bank of America, will be among the featured speakers.
Led by President Russell Diachok and founded in 2002, Geneos is a three-time winner.
That's pushing too much at the small-business owner, although we have a 401 (k) for our employees, and I know even many of our independent advisers have 401 (k)s," says Russ Diachok, president and CEO of Denver-based Geneos Wealth Management.
You can make mistakes, you can take missteps, and the competition can eat you and your lunch, as Russ Diachok points out in this fast-person narrative of the "Darwinism" of the current day (page 5"8).
Ryan Diachok is vice president of marketing and business development at Denver, Colo.
We're thrilled to have Mercantile, with its outstanding reputation, as a minority shareholder of our `boutique' broker/dealership, which caters to upper-middle to high-net worth clientele through our nationwide network of professional planners and advisors," said George Diachok, Chairman of Geneos Wealth Management.
George and Russell Diachok are in their third decade of building high quality, objective platforms that enable independent advisors to bring their clients the best in wealth management services.
is an independent broker-dealer, founded by the father and son team of George and Russell Diachok to provide services to independent registered representatives.
We follow with an analysis of which B/Ds will survive in this volatile atmosphere-written by Russ Diachok of Geneos Wealth Management-and then profile the leader of a new kind of small broker/dealer in our planner profile.
Russ Diachok is the president and CEO of Denver-based independent broker/dealer Geneos Wealth Management.
Diachok, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Multi-Financial Group, said trends in the financial services industry -- including increasing competition and greater use of technology to deliver financial services -- contributed to the strategic decision to join ING.
Continued consolidation in the financial services industry will surely include international companies with global resources to succeed," Diachok said.