a low-ranking post in the church, not included in the hierarchy (in contrast to priestly positions—bishops, priests, and deacons). After 1868 church servants were no longer considered part of the clergy in the Russian Orthodox Church and d’iachki were given the title of reader.

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Ryan Diachok, Geneos Wealth Management: Being custodian--agnostic with your technology is critical, so we're doing a lot of the same things [as American Portfolios].
Ryan Diachok, Geneos Wealth Management: Succession and the next generation of advisors in our industry is probably the biggest macro challenge that we all face.
Diachok, "Analiz rukopisnykh perevodov 'Khroniki evropeiskoi Sarmatii' A.
That's pushing too much at the small-business owner, although we have a 401 (k) for our employees, and I know even many of our independent advisers have 401 (k)s," says Russ Diachok, president and CEO of Denver-based Geneos Wealth Management.
Russ Diachok, President & CEO, Geneos Wealth Management.
Ryan Diachok is vice president of marketing and business development at Denver, Colo.
Bancorp Community Development Corporation, Matt Josephs, of Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, and Mark Diachok, of the Bank of America, will be among the featured speakers.
All the advisors, all their staff is safe and not in harm's way at this point," Geneos President Ryan Diachok told ThinkAdvisor on Thursday.
The leaders of the 2013 Broker-Dealers of the Year whose comments are below were: Terry Frank of Century Securities; Russ Diachok of Geneos Wealth Management; Tim Murphy of Investors Capital Corp.
Check out Geneos Wealth Names Third-Generation Diachok as President on ThinkAdvisor.
It's about as bad as it can get at this point," says Geneos Wealth Management President Russell Diachok.
Geneos Wealth Management announced Tuesday that Ryan Diachok has been named president of the Denver-based independent broker-dealer; Russ Diachok will give up the presidency but remain CEO of the firm, which has 275 producing reps.