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1. a group of persons gathered for worship, prayer, etc., esp in a church or chapel
2. the group of persons habitually attending a given church, chapel, etc.
3. RC Church
a. a society of persons who follow a common rule of life but who are bound only by simple vows
b. an administrative subdivision of the papal curia
c. an administrative committee of bishops for arranging the business of a general council
4. Chiefly Brit an assembly of senior members of a university



in Catholicism. (1) A religious organization linked directly with monastic orders, consisting of priests and laymen. Some monastic orders have a large number of congregations—for example, the Benedictine order in the 1960’s with 20 male and 16 female congregations. Each congregation has its own regulations, which are approved by the pope or bishops. The members of a congregation do not take solemn vows, as do the members of monastic orders, but rather simple vows, for a specific period of time or for life. The goals of a congregation are nominally purely religious or religious and philanthropic; in fact, however, the congregations are involved in the political plans of the Catholic Church. Congregations first appeared around 1600 and became widespread in the 19th century.

The most important congregations of the late 1960’s were the Congregation of the Holy Ghost (founded in 1703, with headquarters in Paris; 5,150 members), the Redemptorists (founded in 1732, with headquarters in Naples; more than 9,000 members), the Oblates of the Immaculate Virgin Mary (founded in 1816, with its center in Aix-en-Provence; 7,900 members), the Marists (founded in 1817, with its center in Bordeaux; about 3,500 members), and the Salesians (founded in 1859, with its center in Turin; 22,600 members).

(2) A union of several monasteries under a single leadership.

(3) An establishment forming part of the Roman papal curia.


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This involves the reordering of areas of competence specific to the various dicasteries, transferring them if necessary from one dicastery to another, in order to achieve autonomy, coordination and subsidiarity in areas of competence and effective interaction in service.
The new centrality of the papal office also meant a step back from the role given the Secretariat of State by Paul VI, (69) and provided the CDF of John Paul II the centrality that the Secretariat of State had during Paul VI's pontificate (70)--with the effect also of tampering once again with the separation of dicastery tasks determined by Paul VI.
5) "This Vatican dicastery has an episcopal committee of Bishops from all parts of the world, consultants in Rome, and consultants throughout the world, including laymen and women," Machado, 2002, p.
As for the credibility of the "apparitions" in question, this Dicastery respects what was decided by the bishops of the former Yugoslavia in the Declaration of Zadar, April 10, 1991: "On the basis of the investigations so far, it can not be affirmed that one is dealing with supernatural apparitions and revelations.
2) All Vatican dicastery documents can be found at http://www.
must not bring a spirit of 'imposition' over the episcopal conferences with a translation handed down from the Dicastery, as that would betray the right of bishops as set forth in canon law," Francis tells the cardinal.
And perhaps there is, or could be, an ecclesial equivalent, a Roman dicastery or local episcopal synod, whose task is to provide or refuse an imprimatur to candidates for scriptural tokenhood.
A 77-year-old Scalabrinian, he is now serving as a delegated secretary for the Vatican's new Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.
A dicastery ("office, department") of the Holy See will often send a communication intended for all the bishops of a region first to the president of the conference.
We need to take time to listen," said Farrell, who leads the Vatican's new Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life.
We specify that, in regard to the credibility of the alleged apparitions, this dicastery adheres to what was already established by the bishops of former Yugoslavia in the Zara Declaration of April 10, 1991.
The letter writers also criticize the pope's appointment of Cardinal Kevin Farrell as the head of the new Vatican Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, citing an October 2016 interview with NCR in which Farrell said that Amoris Laetitia was "the Holy Spirit speaking to us.