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Therefore, questionnaires were essentially composed of closed questions, mostly of multiple and dichotomic choice, with the application of scales of the nominal and ordinal types to allow codifying the answers (such as the Likert type scales).
3) Hence, the development of a dichotomic scenario activates the influence of religion majority in the context of European integration.
delta] Useful discriminatory tests for rapid identification of each species selected after making a dichotomic differential table of species.
Consequently, they construct their world in a dichotomic fashion.
The French author therefore anticipates Weber's belief that his dichotomic classification into ethics of liabilities and ethics of convictions is not necessarily a classification of opposites.
The dichotomic ELECTRE TRI method compares all alternatives with the profile b.
Finally, the dichotomic relation to language and space, which conveys the condition of displacement that Benati sees as deep-rooted in contemporary society, is mirrored in the textuality of the stories, continually split between different places, times and narrative voices.
He [Freud] defines sexual differences as a function of the a priori of the same, having recourse, to support this demonstration, to the age- old processes: analogy, comparison, symmetry, dichotomic oppositions, and so on.
Far from denying the dichotomic stand-off between romance and realism, Putter's model embraces the poem's representational diversity by proposing that Sir Gawain and the Green Knight thrives on this tension between these two apparently antithetical poles.
The dichotomic conception of the public and the private has also started to crumble in Western cultural studies due to analyses of postmodernist lifestyle, especially media and consumption studies that examine the shifting of the border between the public and the private and the travel of objects and meanings over this border.