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see Thomas, SaintThomas, Saint,
one of the Twelve Apostles, called Didymus. According to John, he refused to believe in the resurrection until he saw Jesus' wounds; hence the expression "doubting Thomas." John 11.16; 14.5; 20.24–29; 21.2.
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These are the "twins" embodied in Didymus, whose crisis arrives with his encounter with a possessed child (Mark 9:13-28).
Levertov may be confusing Didymus (about whom she had written an earlier poem) and Dismas.
Thomas Didymus," marked as it is by doubt and absence, opened Levertov herself to an immanent, transcendent Other, through the practice of consenting attention.
He (Kim Jong Il) was our great friend and we are not ashamed of being associated with him," said Didymus Mutasa, the secretary of administration for Mugabe's Zanu-PF party.
Solar, JohnThomas Didymus, Katerina Nikolas, Kay Mathews, Kev Hedges, Kevin Fitzgerald, Kim I.
21) Jerome had previously anathematized the bishop's alleged plagiarism of Didymus the Blind's treatise on the Holy Spirit in (Ambrose's) De Spiritu Saneto.
See for example Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery, Parthenissa; A Romance in Four Parts (London, 1654-65); Robert Boyle, Love and Religion Demonstrated in the Martyrdom of Theodora, and of Didymus (London, 1687); Nahum Tate, The Triumphs of Love and Constancy: A Romance containing the Heroick Amours of Theagenes and Chariclea (London, 1687); Cleophil, [William Congreve], Incognita, or Love and Duty Reconciled (London, 1692).
The apostle, known as Doubting Thomas, orThomas Didymus, is gazing with amazement and faith at the Risen Christ, and at the open wound in his side.
The weed community was composed mainly by Amaranthus viridis (AMAVI), Coronopus didymus (COPDI), Cyperus rotundus (CYPRO), Digitaria nuda (DIGNU), Galinsoga parviflora (GASPA) and Nicandra physaloides (NICPH), although other species were observed as well.
The newspaper said the contract was signed in secret last month during a visit to Tehran by Didymus Mutasa, Zimbabwe's minister of state for presidential affairs.
Speaking at a meeting with Mugabe's special envoy to Tehran, Didymus Mutasa, the Iranian president said at the time that the Islamic Republic of Iran will stand by the African nation against the ongoing illegal pressures imposed by the hegemonic powers.
Didymus is brought before Valens, as Theodora turns herself in.