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a family of architects representative of Czech and south German baroque.

Active in Czechoslovakia were Christoph (born July 7, 1655, in St. Margarethen, Bavaria; died June 20, 1722, in Prague), the builder of the facade and nave of the Church of St. Mikuláše in Mala Strana, Prague (1704-11), and his son Kilian Ignaz (born Sept. 1, 1689, in Prague; died Dec. 18, 1751, in Prague). The latter, educated in Vienna, was the builder of a series of baroque structures in Prague. These include the Church of St. Mikuláše (1732-35), the Kinsky Palace (1755-65) on Staré Mésto Square, the choir and crossing of St. Mikuláše in Malá Strana (1737-51), the villa America (1712-20), and the Church of St. Jan (1730-39) in Nové Mésto.

Christoph’s brothers belonged to the German baroque school of architecture. Georg (born 1643, in Aibling, Bavaria; died Feb. 2, 1689, in Waldsassen, Bavaria) and Johann Leonard (born Feb. 2, 1660, in St. Margarethen; died Nov. 26, 1707, in Bamberg) were active in Bamberg. Johann (born May 25, 1663, in St. Margarethen; died July 20, 1726, in Bamberg) was the builder of a group of solemn and magnificent churches and palaces: a cathedral at Fulda, Hesse (1704-12); a monastery church in Banz, Bavaria (1710-18); and a palace at Pommersfelden, Bavaria (1711-18).


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