Georges Dieulafoy

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Dieulafoy, Georges


Born Nov. 18, 1839, in Toulouse; died Aug. 16, 1911, in Paris. French therapeutist. Member (from 1890) and president (from 1910) of the French Medical Academy.

Dieulafoy graduated from the University of Paris in 1869, where he later (from 1887) was a professor and head of the faculty of internal pathology. In 1896 he was appointed the head of the faculty of clinical medicine in the Hotel Dieu hospital in Paris. He is the author of a classic four-volume manual of internal pathology (translated into six languages) and of a six-volume collection of lectures on the clinical treatment of internal diseases. In 1869, Dieulafoy invented the aspirator, a suction device widely used in the treatment of pleurisy to extract exudates and transudates.


Rukovodstvo k vnutrenneipatologii, vols. 1–4. St. Petersburg, 1899. (Translated [from French].)
Klinicheskie lektsii, chitannye v 1897–1898 godakh v Hotel Dieu v Parizhe. St. Petersburg, 1900. (Translated from French.)


Widal, F., L. Landouzy, and M. Mesureur. A la mémoire du professeur Dieulafoy. Paris, 1913.
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12) Interestingly, there have been 3 recurrences, to our knowledge, of Dieulafoy lesion.
Miko and Thomazy, (5) who carried out measurements of the diameter of mucosal and submucosal arteries of patients with Dieulafoy lesion as well as control subjects, support that theory.
Due to the high flow, Dieulafoy lesions and AVMs may be visible only on the arterial phase and disappear on subsequent phases.