Differential Analyzer

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differential analyzer

[‚dif·ə′ren·chəl ′an·ə‚līz·ər]
(computer science)
A mechanical or electromechanical device designed primarily to solve differential equations.

Differential Analyzer

An analog calculator built in the 1930s by Vannevar Bush at MIT. Designed to solve differential equations, it was used in World War II to calculate ballistics tables that showed the trajectory of a projectile over distance. Containing more than a thousand gears, the machine took up an entire room. It was tediously programmed by physically changing the gears with a screwdriver and wrench, and the output was displayed as graphs. As the gears wore over time, the machine introduced inaccuracies, yet it was a remarkable breakthrough and the fastest computational tool of its kind. No more than a dozen Differential Analyzers were built.

Bush With His Differential Analyzer
Although programmed with a screwdriver and wrench, Bush's Differential Analyzer was a breakthrough in its time. (Image courtesy of The Computer History Museum, www.computerhistory.org)
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Our first view of a mechanical differential analyzer in motion was at the home of Tim and Lisa Robinson in Boulder Creek, California in the fall of 2005.
Porter and Tim Robinson the discussions about the differential analyzer have come to life in the form of a small two integrator machine.
Section 3 offers the reader an example how the machine is programmed for a particular differential equation and some discussion of the scope of the complexity of the problems that a differential analyzer can handle.
The differential analyzer often includes two stages--criticism identification and criticism refinement--each of which may be handled with varying degrees of sophistication.
Essentially, he learned that differences in the kinds of problems to be solved leads to the importance of different critic architectures and algorithms in the critic's differential analyzer.
As delineated in Table 1, E-ATTENDING includes a differential analyzer and a dialog generator but it does not have a user model.
Withinday physiologic variation of leukocyte types in healthy subjects as assayed by two automated leukocyte differential analyzers.
According to Bowden, that year he "went to see Professor Douglas Hartree, who had built the first differential analyzers in England and had more experience in using these very specialized computers than anyone else.
These facts, along with the proliferation of automated differential analyzers, have moved laboratories away from reporting percentages and toward relying instead on absolute cell counts, which are a far more precise measure of the cell population.
Fortunately, today's automated, 5-part differential analyzers count thousands of white cells, effectively eliminating the statistical variation caused by a small sampling.

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