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Digex stockholders and other interested parties are urged to read the documentation relating to the offer because it contains important information.
However, it is a bitter pill for some Digex shareholders to swallow, especially considering Digex stock peaked at $184 per share in March 2000.
Digex SmartContinuity offers additional disaster avoidance, data protection and recovery services that can be used alone or combined to address three levels of client needs:
Digex engineers have tested these Open Source Software products and packaged them to run in a production environment.
As with all Digex products and services, the new high-speed firewall will be available to all managed hosting and application customers served by WorldCom (Nasdaq: WCOM) through the WorldCom-Digex affiliation.
MCI has requested the Special Committee of the Digex Board of Directors, together with its financial and legal advisors, to evaluate MCI's proposal for purposes of the Special Committee making a recommendation with respect to the proposal.
LightWave is providing Digex with a managed service offering that maps native Gigabit Ethernet onto LightWave's SONET and transports the data between data centers in Virginia and Maryland using Akara's OUSP data center multiplexer.
The Digex Enterprise Messaging Service is truly an enterprise-class hosted solution offering high service-levels, innovative features, easy administration, secure backup and more.
The Avanade / Digex Rapid Commerce Solution is designed to provide customers with a prescriptive migration from Site Server to Commerce Server 2002 while taking advantage of the latest Microsoft technology for developing user-centric online business solutions.
Digex recognizes that reliability and availability are as vital as excellence in architecture design when supporting the uptime and performance of our customers' Web environments," said Mark Shull, CEO and President of Digex.