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A wire communication system that transmits speech signals in the form of corresponding trains of pulses and transmits digital information directly from computers, radar, tape readers, teleprinters, and telemetering equipment.


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Digicom delivers reliable and affordable communication solutions to consumers, small office/home office locations and network service providers.
Angela Lombardi, sales support manager at Digicom in Glasgow, is quite up front that she does not come from a computing background at all.
If Galaxy 4 can't be fixed, traffic would have to be redirected to other satellites, said Russ Colby, a vice president at Digicom Services, a Los Angeles-based pager company that has 40,000 subscribers.
In Michael Crichton's best-selling novel Disclosure, the fictional high-tech company DigiCom is debating whether to close its cellular phone manufacturing facility, with one executive arguing that manufacturing cellular phones has become a mature business.
Look: when I started in DigiCom, there was only one question.
A real gem for only $199 is the Connection 96+ from Digicom Systems.
I need to investigate Digicom service, statistical multiplexers, and even voice over data.
The DNX solution, sold through Sycamore's local partners Digicom and WooriNet, enables KORAIL to cost-effectively consolidate diverse traffic types and support mission-critical signaling and control traffic on a highly compact and resilient switching platform.
Mr Clarke, who founded Digicom in 1997 after returning to Ireland following seven years working abroad, will deliver the message to an audience of more than 500 business and political leaders at the sold-out event.
Digicom Global is a leading emergency management communications provider for satellite phones equipment and satellite telephone services provider specializing in Iridium phones, Globalstar phones, 2 way radios, Spot GPS Messenger, and satellite radio accessories.
J Sports, Kesar Restaurant, International City, Digital Office Shaikh Zayed Road (24 hrs), Malik Exchange, Digicom Dubai, Frico International, Rhythm n' Bites Restaurant.
A special purpose entity, Reliance DigiCom Ltd, will house Digicable as well as BIG TV, Retail Broadband and IPTV business.