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com) today announced it has added Compaq's DIGITAL Alpha Systems to the roster of computer platforms supported by the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE).
com/, the search engine runs on a computer using a lightning-fast 64-bit Digital Alpha chip.
Solaris Product and Improved Protection for Digital Alpha Extend Dr Solomon's
The result is that we are able to turn page requests around on our Digital Alpha servers very quickly.
The high-quality DataDirect ODBC Drivers enable DIGITAL Alpha platform developers to rapidly develop and deploy ODBC-compliant applications, providing fast, standards-based data connectivity to business information across the enterprise.
0, Red Hat Linux runs on three leading computing platforms: Intel compatible PCs, Digital Alpha computers, and Sun SPARC equipment.
Stone Consolidated, a major paperboard manufacturer in Canada, implemented a Digital Alpha platform running Windows NT solution to minimize inventory and operating costs.
The product is available for the following platforms: Sun Solaris, HP HP-UX, IBM RS/6000 AIX, Digital Alpha UNIX, Silicon Graphics IRIX, Linux, Windows 95, Intel Windows NT and Alpha Windows NT.
Over the last year, Ross saw a surge in sales volume in the key markets the company serves and the Digital Alpha platform was a key part of that growth.
The Digital Alpha XL 300 and 366 workstations, which were announced in April of this year, offer levels of performance for technical applications that exceed the fastest UNIX workstations from Hewlett- Packard and Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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