Digital Equipment Corporation

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Digital Equipment Corporation

(DEC) A computer manufacturer and software vendor.

Before the killer micro revolution of the late 1980s, hackerdom was closely symbiotic with DEC's pioneering time-sharing machines. The first of the group of hacker cultures nucleated around the PDP-1 (see TMRC). Subsequently, the PDP-6, PDP-10, PDP-20, PDP-11 and VAX were all foci of large and important hackerdoms, and DEC machines long dominated the ARPANET and Internet machine population.

The first PC from DEC was a CP/M computer called Rainbow, announced in 1981-82.

DEC was the technological leader of the minicomputer era (roughly 1967 to 1987), but its failure to embrace microcomputers and Unix early cost it heavily in profits and prestige after silicon got cheap. However, the microprocessor design tradition owes a heavy debt to the PDP-11 instruction set, and every one of the major general-purpose microcomputer operating systems so far (CP/M, MS-DOS, Unix, OS/2) were either genetically descended from a DEC OS, or incubated on DEC hardware or both. Accordingly, DEC is still regarded with a certain wry affection even among many hackers too young to have grown up on DEC machines. The contrast with IBM is instructive.

Quarterly sales $3923M, profits -$1746M (Aug 1994).

DEC was taken over by Compaq Computer Corporation in 1998.
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Grant also spent 15 years in finance at Digital Equipment Company and several years working as a tax consultant and senior auditor for Price Waterhouse in Glasgow, Scotland.
Calvin began working for Digital Equipment Company, and upon its closing Calvin then began a career of counseling people with Substance abuse.
In addition, there is a VT525 emulation available which enables Windows and NT users to access Digital Equipment Company computers.
It currently manages properties throughout Manhattan for numerous financial institutions and pension funds, including Equitable life, John Hancock Mutual Life and Digital Equipment Company.
He also held research and development positions with Digital Equipment Company, Harvard Medical School, and Tufts New England Medical Center.
Until her retirement she worked for Digital Equipment Company in Natick and in Maynard.
He also held sales and management-level positions with Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, and Digital Equipment Company.
He was a financial consultant and analysist for Digital Equipment Company in Maynard, Mass.
Before that, he was one of the principal team members of Global Knowledge Network, the learning business that was created as a spin-off by Digital Equipment Company.
Before joining Jabil, he served Digital Equipment Company and Electroconnect Ltd.
She was a financial adviser with New York Life and had previously worked for 28 years at Digital Equipment Company and its successor companies.
Along with Acer, Digital Equipment Company, IBM and Fujitsu PC, Compaq will use MicroAge's channel assembly capabilities in order to enhance overall customer satisfaction by delivering a custom-configured, high-quality product to customers.

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