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For more information about the LF2401A digital signal controller, visit http://www.
Vinaya Skanda works as a senior applications engineer in the Digital Signal Controller Division of Microchip Technology.
Based on Texas Instrument's TMS320F28335 floating-point digital signal controller, both BL (brushless) and IM (induction) kit versions complete C language source code, including a MATLAB motion library, complete DSP source code (not generated from MATLAB) optimized for real-time execution for PMSM and BLDC, and Simulink models for PMSM position and speed control.
Simulations for 32-bit floating point and 16- and 32-bit fixed point DSPs types were on the 32-bit fixed-point TMS320C28x digital signal controller.
NASDAQ: MCHP), a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today announced the expansion of its enhanced core 16-bit dsPIC33 and PIC24 "E" Digital Signal Controller (DSC) and microcontroller (MCU) families to include on-chip op amps and Microchip's Charge Time Measurement Unit peripheral (CTMU), enabling advanced features in user-interface, intelligent-sensing, general-purpose and motor-control applications at a low cost.
Product: dsPIC33FJ12MC202 motor control digital signal controller
We have three audiences for our tools," said Steve Marsh, strategic marketing manager for the Digital Signal Controller Division at Microchip.
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Our customers want to combine DSP and microcontroller code development in one IDE," stressed Steve Marsh, Manager, Strategic Marketing for the Digital Signal Controller Division at Microchip Technology.
Tags / Keywords: Microchip , MCHP , PIC , microcontroller , MCU , Digital Signal Controller , DSC , motor control
Rishi Vasuki is a Senior Applications Engineer at Microchip Technology, Digital Signal Controller Division.
A front view of Freescale's new MC56F82xx digital signal controller.

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