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(1) (Digital Signal Controller) A microcontroller and DSP combined on the same chip. It adds the interrupt-driven capabilities normally associated with a microcontroller to a DSP, which typically functions as a continuous process. See microcontroller and DSP. See also DCS.

(2) (Digital Still Camera) See digital camera.

(3) A compression method for ultra high-definition video. See VESA Display Stream Compression.
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For more information about the LF2401A digital signal controller, visit http://www.
From its high-performance TMS320F28x digital signal controllers, to the FUSION DIGITAL POWER(TM) series of UCD9K and UCD7K controllers and power supply drivers, TI's digital power solutions are optimized for applications ranging from point-of-load to high-power AC/DC and DC/AC conversion.
To address these needs, Freescale has expanded its family of digital signal controllers (DSCs) that offers increased performance, a flexible set of peripherals with reduced system costs for industrial applications.
For more information on the full line of TMS320C2000(TM) digital signal controllers, see http://www.
Tags / Keywords: Digital Lighting, LED Lighting, Digital Ballast, Reference Design, Digital Power, Green Power, Smart Energy, dsPIC, DSC, Digital Signal Controller, RGB, Microchip, MCHP
5 mega-samples per second -- the fastest on-chip ADC operation of any digital signal controller in the industry today.
Tags / Keywords: Solar Power, Grid Connected, Solar Micro Inverter, Reference Design, Digital Power, Green Power, Smart Energy, dsPIC, DSC, Digital Signal Controller, Microchip, MCHP
TI also will demonstrate at the PCIM Europe conference its Digital PFC Adapter Board, based on the TMS320F280x digital signal controller.
Tags / Keywords: Digital Power, DC/DC Converter, Quarter Brick, LLC, Power Conversion, SMPS, Reference Design, dsPIC, Digital Signal Controller, Power Supply, Green
Tags / Keywords: 16-bit, Development, Low-Cost, Easy, Small, Integrated Programmer, Integrated Debugger, Microcontroller, DSC, Digital Signal Controller, PIC, dsPIC, Microchip, MCHP
Tags / Keywords: Microcontroller, PIC, PIC32, 32-bit, MCU, Digital Signal Controller, DSC, SMPS, Power Conversion, Digital Power, Reference Design, AC/DC, Power Supply, Op Amp, Operational Amplifier, Touch Sensing, Inductive Touch, mTouch
NASDAQ: MCHP), a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, today announced the PICDEM[TM] Inductive Touch Development Kit (part # DM183027), which makes it easy to develop inductive touch-sensing applications using standard 8-, 16- or 32-bit PIC([R]) microcontrollers (MCUs), or 16-bit dsPIC([R]) Digital Signal Controller (DSCs).

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