Class D amplifier

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class D amplifier

[‚klas ′dē ′am·plə‚fī·ər]
A power amplifier that employs a pair of transistors that are connected in push-pull and driven to act as a switch, and a series-tuned output filter, which allows only the fundamental-frequency component of the resultant square wave to reach the load.

Class D amplifier

An audio amplifier that works in the digital domain. It generates the equivalent analog output for the speakers by using pulse width modulation (PWM) or pulse density modulation (PDM) rather than the traditional digital-to-analog conversion. See PWM and PDM.

Less Heat than Analog
Because pulse modulation output signals are either on or off, Class D amplifiers produce far less heat than analog amplifiers. Reaching efficiencies greater than 90% compared to only 50% for analog, they are widely used for every amplification requirement from cellphone speakers to high-end stereos.

Digital and Analog
Class D was not coined for "digital;" it was the next letter after Class C. However, it does produce a "digital-like" output because the signals are generated by turning a switch fully on or off. But it is not technically digital because the output is not digital data. It is a modulated audio signal that is feeding analog speakers and is equivalent to the output of a traditional analog amplifier. Some call this a "synthesized analog" output. See amplifier classes.
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Maxcess, a manufacturer of products and services for the web handling industry, recently released the Magpowr Digital Load Cell Amplifier (DLCA), a low-cost, yet powerful and versatile DIN rail mounted digital amplifier used to multiply a millivolt tension signal to a usable 0 to 10VDC and four to 20 MADC analog output.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today introduced its next generation of high-performance digital amplifier power stages.
For many closed-loop hydraulic drive applications, it is now said to be easier to program pressure, flow and positional functions thanks to the company's VT-HACD-1 digital amplifier.
Key to the inMotion iM3's powerful sound output is a 4-watt Class D digital amplifier, generating a surprising dynamic range for a unit only 8" by 5.
is preparing to expand its range of audio products using its high-quality digital amplifier, hoping to generate some 30 billion yen in annual sales in three years' time, company sources said Wednesday.
The realization of a decade-long research project, the immensely powerful M2 is the Consumer Electronics industry's first true digital amplifier available to consumers.
The TAS5261 provides OEMs with the industry's highest power single-chip digital amplifier power stage, capable of driving more than 300 watts (W) into a 4-ohm speaker, while the two-channel TAS5162 digital amplifier power stage can drive 200 W per channel at 6 ohms and 125 W at 8 ohms.
The FDA2100LV s Full Digital Amplifier architecture with built-in low-radiation function, floating digital core, anti-cross conduction, and slope control minimizes tuner interference, enhances cellphone immunity, and simplifies compliance with EN 550251, ISO 11452-2 (2004)2 and all other emissions standards.
It features an audio unit with a single-disc DVD/CD/SA-CD player and a digital amplifier.
GM-D7400M: mono digital amplifier, 400 Watts and featuring an adjustable bass boost centered at 50Hz, a variable low pass filter between 40 and 240 Hz; and 2-Ohm stability.
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