cryptographic hash function

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cryptographic hash function

An algorithm that transforms a given amount of data (the "message") into a fixed number of digits, known as the "digest," "tag" or "hash." Cryptographic hash functions are a fundamental encryption component in digital signatures, password security, random number generation, message authentication and blockchain architectures.

One-Way Processing
Also called a "one-way hash function," the one-way means that it is extremely difficult to turn the digest back into the original message. It is also exceedingly rare that two different message inputs can result in the same digest output.

Not the Same as Hash Tables
Cryptographic hashes differ from hash tables. The cryptographic function is designed to process much more quickly and to generate random output. See hash table, HMAC, digital signature, MD5 and SHA.
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com process creates a digital fingerprint of any size or type of digital file and then sends the fingerprint, not the file, over the Internet to be time-stamped, linked to a user's account information, stored on highly secure, multiple servers and then backed up in co-locations.
WSQ is a wavelet transform based compression standard designed by the FBI for compression of digital fingerprint images.
The population register of Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID) has more than 103 million digital fingerprints and more than 15 million digital facial recognition records, which includes multiple records of each UAE resident, and digital signatures as of mid-October 2012.
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today began collecting biometrics - digital fingerprints - from non-U.
Biometrics, digital fingerprints and a photograph, have been collected from all non-US citizens between the ages of 14 and 79 at the airport for more than four years.
It may be many years before the hill impact of digital fingerprints become clear.
13] Live scanning, in which video cameras and computers directly read digital fingerprints, allows agencies to transmit prints to other agencies, including the FBI.
It's been a problem for as long as there's been personal computers,'' Myhrvold said, adding that technology has been developed to leave digital fingerprints on DVD movies, giving authorities an easier time in the future.
Don't miss this opportunity to get your Free Child Safety Kit, including digital fingerprints and photograph.
The nonprofit puts on a variety of child safety fairs across the country and provides the opportunity for families to have FBI-quality digital fingerprints and photographs of their children.
The population register of Emirates ID has over 103 million digital fingerprints and over 15 million digital facial recognition records, which includes multiple records of each UAE resident, and digital signatures as of October 11, senior officials said.

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