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satellite radio:

see digital radiodigital radio,
audio broadcasting in which an analog audio signal is converted into a digital signal before being transmitted; also known as digital audio broadcasting (DAB) and high-definition radio.
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satellite radio

Commercial-free digital radio via satellite from SiriusXM Satellite Radio ( For a monthly fee, or a single-payment lifetime fee per radio, satellite radio offers more than 120 channels of music, news, sports, weather and talk. Unlike AM, FM and HD terrestrial radio, the satellite channels are consistently available throughout the U.S. as long as there is sufficient line of sight to the satellites. Subscribers can optionally radio service to their PCs, smartphones and Internet radios.

Home, Car and Portable
Nearly all automobiles include satellite tuners in their radios, which typically provide a period of free service before requiring a paid subscription. For non-satellite radios, portable units plug into the car's audio system, as well as a home stereo. For older cars that do not have external audio jacks, some portable units output an FM signal that is picked up by the car's FM tuner. See DAB and DARS.

Merged Companies
Launched respectively in 2001 and 2002, XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio competed for business until 2007, when they merged to become SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Extra-cost premium channels were duplicated on both services so that XM users could optionally add the "Best of Sirius," and Sirius subscribers could obtain the "Best of XM."

Satellite and Terrestrial Transmission
The Sirius system uses satellites that transmit in the 2320-2332.5 MHz range, while XM uses 2332.5-2345 MHz. Using frequencies in the center of their respective ranges, both systems employ terrestrial transmission to augment the satellites in cities with tall buildings and in areas with strong interference. See HEO.

At Home; On the Road
This early unit included a line out for the car's audio system, as well as an FM station transmitter that the car's radio could tune into. At home, it plugged into a docking station for connection to a stereo. (Image courtesy of Sirius Satellite Radio,
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We strongly believe in the success of digital satellite radio and are proud to support the pioneer and market leader in this field with a range of highly integrated products," said Alex Harrer, Senior VP and General Manager of Business Unit Communications at austriamicrosystems.
AfriStar-2 will allow WORLDSPACE to expand its digital satellite radio services into Western Europe.
XM Satellite Radio is North America's leading digital satellite radio service with more than six million subscribers, offering 160 channels of commercial-free music plus premier sports, information and entertainment programming.
ST has used this expertise, together with its proven design and manufacturing capacity, to expand its presence in the US Digital Satellite Radio market; in 2004 the company signed an agreement with Sirius Satellite Radio and it is now successfully producing the third generation of the chipset for Sirius' digital receivers.
The "Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio" ("C3SR"), a student-run organization created on behalf of the 13 million digital satellite radio subscribers, has been spawned in response to rumors about the potential merger of XM and Sirius.
The "Perform Act" would penalize, and essentially disable, a digital satellite radio service under copyright law unless it "uses reasonably available technology to prevent copying of the transmission, except for 'reasonable recording'.
We are pleased to play a key role in the introduction of WorldSpace's digital satellite radio service to European consumers," said Domenico Rossi, Vice President of ST's Automotive Product Group.
Specifically in the US digital satellite radio market, ST is also the chip supplier for XM Radio receivers, in addition to SIRIUS digital satellite radios.
The 'Perform Act' specifically targets and penalizes new products being brought to market by digital satellite radio services.
The research, "More Consumers to Tune Into Digital Radio in 2007" (#IN0603159ID), contains five-year unit shipment, ASP, and revenue forecasts for digital terrestrial and digital satellite radios (including DMB receivers that are not integrated into mobile phones).
Few vehicles made just three years ago, for example, offer safe and easy to use interfaces for MP3 portables, Bluetooth phones, or digital satellite radios.
The report contains five-year unit shipment, ASP, and revenue forecasts for digital terrestrial and digital satellite radios (including DMB receivers that are not integrated into mobile phones).

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