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see videotexvideotex,
communications service that is linked to an adapted television receiver or a personal computer by telephone lines, cable television facilities, or the like, and that allows a user to retrieve and display alphanumeric and pictorial information at home.
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A data broadcasting service in which preprogrammed sequences of frames of data are broadcast cyclically, and a user equipped with a standard television receiver and a special decoder selects the desired frames of information for viewing.


A broadcasting service that transmitted text to a TV set with a built-in teletext decoder. Introduced in the 1970s in the U.K., the text was transmitted in the vertical blanking interval between frames of the TV signal. Teletext was occasionally used in the U.S. and Canada but never really caught on. It was also used in Australia until 2009. Elements of teletext are still used for closed captions.

A Rotating Rolodex
Different kinds of information such as news, finance and weather were displayed in a series of continuously rotating teletext frames, which could be selected from a program guide. See vertical blanking interval, closed captions and videotex.
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For European digital TV, WinTV v7 adds support for digital teletext and a free seven day electronic program guide in addition to "now/next" program information.
Finally, the MDE 9500 has full analog and digital Teletext support.
This is accessible on analogue and digital Teletext and online at www.
Toshiba's set-top box, which utilizes the TL750's rich graphics overlay, video processing power and dedicated graphics accelerator, will deliver high-performance digital broadcasts, fast display of electronic programming guides (EPG), and rich graphics to accompany digital teletext and interactive services.

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