digital paper

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digital paper

(1) A paper-thin display technology. See electronic paper and E Ink.

(2) A variety of coated and uncoated papers specialized for computer printers.

(3) (DigitalPaper) A line of document collaboration software from ePlus inc., Herndon, VA ( Specializing in fast access and distribution of engineering drawings, blueprints and technical manuals to users, the DigitalPaper products offer numerous features, including converting high-resolution images to GIFs for collaborative viewing over the Web. A variety of CAD and other image formats are supported. DigitalPaper was developed by Digital Paper Corporation, which was acquired by ePlus in 2003.

(4) (DigitalPaper) The file format generated by the Common Ground document exchange software. See Common Ground.

(5) Pre-printed paper used to capture data with digital pens. See Anoto and digital pen.
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We're pleased to have the opportunity through the NAM Webinar to illustrate how DigitalPaper XE delivers a cost-effective solution for enterprise-wide access to engineering drawings and a true collaborative environment across the supply chain.
Using DigitalPaper XE software, emergency response teams can retrieve building layouts and schematics, topographical maps, aerial photographs, and water, gas, electrical, sewer, roads, bridge, airport and structured drawings on mobile PCs or wireless web pads in seconds.
Company Installs Network of the Future with Its Patent-Pending Serverless Office Solution & Utilizes DigitalPaper XE for Facility Design & Renovation
Paper2Web converts paper documents to DigitalPaper, a portable, web-ready file format that preserves the original appearance of a paper document and can be viewed through any Java-enabled browser.
DigitalPaper XE Software Used by Trading Partners to Collaborate, Share and Annotate Large Blueprints, Engineering Drawings, and More
A Java-powered DigitalPaper Viewer applet is included to deliver documents to any Java-enabled browser, eliminating the need for platform-specific plug-ins or document readers.
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Documents are converted automatically to Web-ready DigitalPaper, a universal document format that maintains the graphic integrity of the original, and then published to the Web server.
Digital Paper Corporation(TM)--a leading provider of innovative document access and collaboration solutions--today announced that it has added support for the JBoss application server to DigitalPaper XE(R).
Digital Paper Corporation(TM)--a leading provider of innovative document access and collaboration solutions-- today announced immediate availability of DigitalPaper XE(R) (Extended Enterprise).
0 in 1993, which featured DigitalPaper, one of the first portable electronic document formats.
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