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8220;Digitek has been looking forward to integrating with ECi DDMS and is excited to offer our customers this value-add service,” comments Edyn Segura, Marketing Manager for Digitek.
As a wholesale VoIP carrier, DiGiTek offers termination and origination across their own IP-based network, reaching over 160 global destinations.
Digitek CEO Paul Martorana says the new partnership will allow Digitek to continue to meet the evolving needs of its growing customer base.
Under the new agreement, Digitek will continue to be dedicated to our core values of integrity, respect, partnership, and innovation as we move forward with our HP partnership.
For those companies looking for a hybrid solution, Digitek Computer Products can provide that as well.
Tom Guagliardi, President of Digitek Computer Products, comments, "Quantum has long been a leader in the storage and media space; our direct association with them as an authorized partner is great news for us and our customers.
Both companies have deep roots within the reseller and SMB marketplace in the United States with a shared vision to bridge the critical link between manufacturers and resellers, bring value to the distribution chain and provide their industry leading logistics capabilities to the reseller market," said Paul Martorana, CEO for Digitek Computer Products.
Eichen's Digitek attorneys are able to handle and litigate Digitek cases no matter where you live
Potomac Digitek specializes in providing Web site services for associations nationwide.
The firm has played leading roles in national and local litigations involving asbestos-related lung cancer and mesothelioma, defective medicines and medical devices such as Heparin, Digitek, Gadolinium MRI contrast dye, morphine sulfate, Raptiva and Stryker hip implants, and general negligence, among others.
Prior to joining On Center Software, he served as the Vice President of Sales for Digitek, Inc.
We eventually contracted with Potomac Digitek [Gaithersburg, Maryland]," says Emely, "and they conducted a formal needs assessment involving staff, leadership, and members, as well as a survey posted to the existing site.