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Our consideration of threshold digraphs gives a new proof of this result.
We will iteratively form a sequence of digraphs [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] an adjacency matrix realizing [alpha], with [[beta].
There are other construction algorithms for digraphs, most notably that of Kleitman and Wang [10].
The proposed method is based on a hierarchical decomposition of the associated digraph into its strong subgraphs.
The digraph G = (V, E) associated with A has n vertices, [v.
Note that a digraph with a single vertex u is strongly connected.
A simple digraph is a digraph in which each ordered pair of vertices occurs as an arc at most once.
Let G be a sub digraph of C- n_1 such that the arcs of G are those of Sk,i in D which are oriented to the centers.
n,n-1] as the symmetric digraph with vertex set {[x.
The results of his analysis of the use of double consonants in various phonological environments in his opinion show that vowel quantity is the main factor that determines the use of <CC> digraphs.
One of those who look for the results of OSL to show that <CC> digraphs mark short vowels is Phillips (1992).
In his discussion of the possible functions of <CC> digraphs in MS Junius 1, Fulk (1996) puts forward a few very convincing counter-arguments to Phillips' (1992) hypothesis.