Dihedral Angle

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dihedral angle

[dī′hē·drəl ‚aŋ·gəl]
The angle between two planes; it is said to be zero if the planes are parallel; if the planes intersect, it is the plane angle between two lines, one in each of the planes, which pass through a point on the line of intersection of the two planes and are perpendicular to it.

Dihedral Angle


a figure formed in space by two half-planes emanating from a single straight line and also the portion of space bounded by these half-planes (see Figure 1).

Figure 1.

The half-planes are called the faces of the dihedral angle and their common straight line the edge. The dihedral angle is measured by the linear angle, that is, the angle α between two perpendiculars to the edge that emanate from one point and that lie in the different faces or, in other words, the angle formed by the intersection of the dihedral angle and a plane perpendicular to the edge.

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At the first step of calculation, the conformational analysis of PFBT compound was done by fixing dihedral angles (between donor and acceptor part) scanned with 20" steps between [theta] = 0[degrees] and [theta] = 180[degrees].
The flux should produce a fine mist when atomized as well as removing oxides from surfaces to be soldered, decreasing the dihedral angle for solder wetting.
6,521,769) covering the compositions of matter and use for a series of transition metal catalysts derived from chiral biaryl phosphines with a tunable dihedral angle to The Penn State Research Foundation, a non-profit corporation.
The ethano bridged 2 compound of smaller dihedral angle showed much higher activity than 1 compound.
where the dihedral angle, [Phi], is defined by the three bond vectors between four adjacent atoms (i, j, k, and l).
The closer the dihedral angle between the naphthyl moieties is to 90 [degrees], the smaller is the HTP [Beta] (13, 14).
In this project a new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method will be developed in order to obtain structural constraints for two types of dihedral angles, currently undeterminable, that define the conformation around the phosphate group in RNA.