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Even as geologists continued to debate the nature of the causes that produced the diluvium, Lyell issued volume 1 of Principles of Geology in 1830.
He explained the diluvium in terms of modern processes, such as the melting of icebergs at a time of higher sea level or the breaking of ice dams in the Alpine region, rather than a gigantic deluge.
In the Visio Anglie (having a diluvium of its own too, of course), (19) Gower quotes repeatedly, prominently from this episode that Ovid made his paradigmatic point of departure.
The author of over thirty novels and novellas in addition to several collections of short stories, Willem Brakman creates in Ante Diluvium a surrealistic world of youthful violence where young boys plot evil acts against their elders and against one another.
Geology of the bridge site includes layered alluvium and diluvium deposits over what is called the hard Akashi or Kobe layer.
In their famous explorations of the cave of Moustier in the Dordogne, Edouard Lartet and Henry Christy recorded that the same "spearhead type convex on its two faces" frequently observed in the diluvium of Abbeville and Saint-Acheul was found alongside "big spears with a plane or slightly concave face on the one side, the opposite side displaying longitudinal ridges, or being simply rounded, with sharp edges shaped more or less into festoons" (Lartet & Christy 1864:238).
Already in his first report on his prehistoric research at Levallois, in 1866, he clearly claimed to have found "All the intermediaries between the most coarsely knapped stones found in the base of the diluvium until the polished axes that are encountered near the surface of the soil, such that it is possible to follow the progress of industry" (Reboux 1866: 130-131, emphasis added, and see also 1873a, 1874a).
1937, Morfologia i dyluwium doliny Dunajca od Pienin po ujscie (Morphologie und Diluvium des Dunajec-Tales von den Pieninen bis zur Mundung), Prace Instytutu Geograficznego UJ, 18, 1-54.
1986), in the case of the studied area it was in the slope diluvium, which covers most of the slopes.