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a southern Rumanian district on the southern slopes of the Carpathians, 3,800 sq km in area, with 440,000 inhabitants (1969). The administrative center of Dîmboviţa is the city of Tîrgovişte. Dîmboviţa is one of the world’s oldest oil-producing regions. Lignite is mined at Şotînga, and oil-drilling equipment is produced at TîrgoviŞte and Moreni. Industries are textiles, clothing, food, building materials, and wood products. Wheat, corn, sugar beets, sunflowers, and potatoes are grown; the region also has many orchards, principally plum orchards. Cattle and pigs are raised.



a river in Rumania, left tributary of the Argeş River in the Danube Basin. The Dîmboviţa, 250 km in length, rises in the Făgăraş-Range, and its lower reaches lie in the Lower Danube Plain. The river is high in spring and low in summer; it has a hydroelectric power plant. The Rumanian capital, Bucharest, is located on its banks.

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