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(organic chemistry)
R2SiO Any of a family of silica-based polymers in which R is an alkyl group, usually methyl; these polymers exist as oily liquids, greases, rubbers, resins, or plastics. Also known as oxosilane.



any of the compounds containing the grouping

Siloxanes are anhydrides of silicon acids. Organosiloxanes (seeORGANOSILICON COMPOUNDS) and polyorganosiloxanes (seeSILICONES) are the most important of these compounds. [23–1092–]

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42), (44) Therefore, urethane is highly polar in relation to dimethylsiloxane because of the former's higher cohesive energy density.
Since the silicone resin is composed of dimethylsiloxane units and methylphenylsiloxane units, it is flexible and has low surface free energy.
The acids were separated on a cross-linked 5% diphenyl-95% dimethylsiloxane capillary column [Ultra 2; 30 m X 0.