Sturdza, Dimitrie A.

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Sturdza, Dimitrie A.:

see Sturza, Dimitrie ASturza or Sturdza, Dimitrie A.
, 1833–1914, Romanian statesman, of a prominent Moldavian family. With Ion Bratianu and Constantin Rosetti he helped bring about the abdication of Prince Alexander John Cuza in 1886
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Among these, we mention: the memoir called "aristo-democratic republican ruling", elaborated by Chancellor Dimitrie Sturdza, and addressed to Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807 (Georgescu, 1972: 108), the texts of Iordache Rosetti-Rosnovanu from 1818 in Moldova (Carp, Stanomir and Vlad, 2002: 17), and those of Barbu Vacarescu from Wallachia, from the 18th of February/1st of March, 1819.
Initially attributed by Emil VArtosu to the Moldavian Chancellor Dimitrie Sturdza and dated in 1802 (Ilin-Grozoiu, 2009: 36-39), the document seems to have an earlier history.
Dimitrie Sturdza, the Romanian and Minister of Foreign Affairs, protested against Mancini's attitude before Count Tornielli, who reported the case of Mancini.