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Date of birth unknown; died in 1843. Supreme leader (inkosi) of the union of Zulu tribes from 1828 to 1840.

In the 1830’s, Dingaan led the Zulus in their armed struggle against the Boer and English colonizers. The Zulu troops inflicted a series of defeats on the Boers, but they were ultimately beaten by the English and Boers in December 1838 in the Inkom River valley. As a result of the Zulu War of 1838-40, the southern part of the country was annexed. In 1840, Dingaan was overthrown by his brother Upanda, a puppet of the Boer colonizers. Dingaan fled to Swaziland, where he was murdered.


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I killed him with Dingaan and Umhlangana the princes; but the wound was mine that his life crept out of, and but for me he would never have been slain.
I and Umslopogaas slew Dingaan for the sake of Nada, who was my daughter.
At the foot of that cleft lie the bones of Dingaan, the king who died for Nada.
The actor, who plays Falling Skies' Dingaan Botha, said he has learnt a lot from the way Spielberg works on the show, which ends its five-season run this week.
When the main character Dingz reminisces about the new holiday name for Dingaan's Day in post-apartheid South Africa, there is significantly paradoxical conflict when Dworkin cautions Dingz against calling King Dingaan "the troublesome kaffir king" (214).
Despite the fact that the Zulu were well organized under their able king Dingaan, Shaka's successor, their invading enemies massacred them.
The romantic intrigue plays out against the backdrop of important events associated with the Great Trek, namely the infamous Slagtersnek incident (where the British hanged 6 so-called Boer traitors in 1816 in public); Commandant Hendrik Potgieter's Trek to Natal (1838), and Commandant Piet Retief's murder at the hand of the Zulu King, Dingaan (17 February 1838).
40 is Peter Grayson's Dingaan, who only just failed from stall ten at the track last time.
At this early stage, the arrival of the Dutch at the Cape has just been recounted with poetic flourish and the scene changes to Paul Kruger who is consumed by anguish and despair after the death of Piet Retief and his men at the hands of the Zulu king Dingaan.
December 16 was formerly celebrated as the Day of Vow also called Dingaan Day or the Day of the Covenant before the end of the apartheid in 1994, this day was a religious holiday to celebrate the Boers defeat of the Zulus in 1838 at the Battle of Blood River.
He had plenty to do at the weights with the Hughesridden Dingaan.
If the ride on Queen Of Cash was good, Hughes surpassed it with his effort on 13-8 favourite Dingaan in the claimer for Andrew Balding, winning going away from Hanagan on Vhujon.