Dini, Lamberto

Dini, Lamberto,

1931–, Italian economist and political leader, premier of Italy (1995–96). He worked for the International Monetary Fund (1959–79) and the Bank of Italy (1979–94). A member of several parties, he was treasury minister under Silvio BerlusconiBerlusconi, Silvio
, 1936–, Italian business executive and politician, premier (1994; 2001–6, 2008–11) of Italy, b. Milan. His first fortune was made in real estate during the 1960s.
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 (1994), and retained the post when he was appointed prime minister of a nonpartisan government by President Oscar Luigi ScalfaroScalfaro, Oscar Luigi
, 1918–2012, Italian political leader, president of Italy (1992–99). A lawyer, Scalfaro aided jailed antifascists during World War II. In 1946 he was elected to the postwar assembly that established the Italian Republic, and in 1948, in the
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. Dini also served as justice minister (1995–96) and foreign affairs minister (1996–2001).