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On the edge of Snowdonia, Y Ty Gwyn, a former 17th century farmhouse, has a bespoke kitchen, conservatory, dining room, games room, study and four bedrooms.
Our Dining Room has survived seven recessions, remained steadfastly on the right side of history during the civil rights era and the AIDS epidemic, and managed to stay open for service during the 1989 earthquake.
I own a glass-blowing studio and art gallery across the street from The Dining Room and watch the activities over there on a daily basis.
Remember, with dining room design, keep an open mind and don't be afraid to experiment and think outside the box in order to make a dining space work in your chosen room.
Still, it was good to see our dining room table unmoved by the elements in our new Northern home.
The dining room is not dead but these days people would like a house with well-designed kitchen area where you can also eat.
When the desire to eat begins to wane among those with dementia, the first line of defense isn't normally to adjust dining room lighting and contrast.
Enhancements to the hotel's main dining room with renovations and a new menu were designed to add to guests' pleasure.
A report to the development control panel of Blyth Valley Council says: "The proposed internal alterations at ground floor level would see the use of some of the rooms altered, for example the existing lounge area would become a dining room with the dining room becoming an additional bar area.
We also chose to sacrifice a couple of beds to allow for an even more expanded dining room, and this opening up of space allowed us to bring the activity directors directly onto the unit.
We've got a selection of products for the dining room to tell you about, from the furniture to the tableware to the chandeliers over your head.
The original dining room was rectangular with a bar set on its axis alongside the market wine store; at the opposite end of the room you had glimpses, through portholes, of kitchen theatrics.