Diogo Cam

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Cam, Diogo


(or Diogo Cão). Born circa 1440; date of death unknown. Portuguese navigator.

In 1482, Cam sailed along the west coast of Africa between1° and 13°30’ S lat, discovering enroute the mouth of the CongoRiver. Between 1484 and 1486 he advanced along the westernshores of Africa to 22° S lat., thus discovering the entire coastlineof Angola and a large part of the uninhabited southwestern coast—from the mouth of the Kunene River to Cape Cross. Accord-ing to one version, Cam died on the return voyage; according toanother, he returned to Portugal in 1486.

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It will be officially opened on Wednesday, 10 September, at 18:00 at the Diogo Cao Language Centre at the Windhoek International School with a comedy from Finland titled "21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage".
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The region of Africa today known as the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) first came to the attention of Europeans in 1482 when the Portuguese navigator Diogo Cao explored the mouth of the Congo River.
By 1482, it was the turn of navigator Diogo Cao to reach the mouth of the Congo River.
It is known that the methodology was not new: when Diogo Cao set out on his first voyage (1481 or 1482), two other agents of the king were sent, but they had to return soon after because they were unable to speak Arabic.
For instance, Vasco da Gama and King Dom Manoel are arrested and sent to an insane asylum despite the King's continual protests that "all this crap belongs to me," Diogo Cao is hired as a water inspector and ends up a drunken lout searching for nymphs in the Tagus, and Pedro Alvares Cabral's wife deserts him after becoming a prostitute to work off his debts.