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The "uneasiness" with which those "Apollonian forms" contain Dionysiac force expresses a larger process of fragmentation that allows the historical present to secrete its own anxieties within the fissures of the text, and this is the source of the "impurity" that Grady seeks to develop into a fully fledged critical practice.
51) In the final section, celebrating the Dionysiac truths of the flesh and the mythic imagination over the Apollonian rationalisations of the intellectuals, he describes a vision he had after 'hogmagandie' (a magnificent Scots word for sexual intercourse) with his "Pyrrha' at Tunnel Beach; (52)
The literal blood sacrifice by which those young people responded to the emotional excitement of the Eucharistic Congress and to the Congress's emphasis on Christ's self-sacrifice on the cross, re-enacted in the ritualized blood sacrifice of the Mass, are acted out in Friel's play, as the group on the pier sacrifice Terry in a parody of Dionysiac ritual dismemberment.
By contrast, at the heart of W3 is the revolutionary turbulence of a "rotary movement that never comes to a standstill," and which Schelling compares to an "unremitting wheel" and the "self-lacerating madness" of Dionysiac music (20, 103).
irresistible, Dionysiac whirlwind of violence that captures everybody in
As far as I am concerned, the "official" religion of Catholicism is just a huge facade of lies put up by various power combines to "keep the masses in subjection" just as in classical times there was the official religion of the State--the well-dressed gods of Olympus and the living religion of the religious--the mysteries, Orphism, Pythagoreanism, the Dionysiac and Artemis cults, etc.
Using specific and well-chosen case studies, she demonstrates the ways in which popular late-Antique themes, such as the youth of Achilles and Dionysiac scenes, might have provided the sophisticated owner and his circle with the opportunity of displaying their knowledge and discoursing on the mythology and its allegorical applications.
Insofar as he limns antiquity it is not the hard-edged discipline of celestial geometry; but the deeper, darker, Dionysiac archaisms of an Arcadia where Eros and Thanatos are the closest of chums and where the spilling of blood and semen blossoms into Bacchic horticulture.
Comedy is rooted in the Latin Comoedia, meaning songs of stirring celebration, associated with Dionysiac celebrations in the Greek country.
In some Maupassant story there is a Dionysiac description of spring which ends with the remark that on such days, there should be a warning posted on every corner: "Citoyens
In The Dionysiac World View, an essay that Nietzsche wrote in honour of Cosima Wagner's birthday on 25 December 1870 (an essay that then became the basis for the thesis developed in the Birth of Tragedy), Nietzsche describes Rausch as a "state of ecstasy.
Unlike Nietzsche, however, he refused to resort to dionysiac release, a circular celebration of life, succumbing to the desire for self-apotheosis, (1) or an acceptance of the will-to-power as the one ineluctable reality.