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218); and the Chorus Gower in Pericles explains that Dionyza has "the pregnant instrument of wrath / Pressed for [a] blow" (Scene 15, 44-45).
We have the shipmen's misreading of Thaisa's body as dead; Cleon's misreading of Pericles' ship as a sign that a conqueror will take advantage of Tarsian misery; and the apparent generosity of Dionyza and Cleon in offering to shelter Marina.
When Dionyza fakes a funeral for Marina, Gower equates the ceremony with images and theater: "See how belief may suffer by foul show" (4.
His epilogue reminds us about the strange destruction of Antiochus and informs us about the uprising and murder that meet Cleon and Dionyza.
Dionyza is Currently in the Studio with Usher's First Cousin Antonio 'Rico' Spence
LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Dionyza (Dee-on-cha) is the daughter of Motown singer/songwriters Michael and Brenda Sutton.
Dionyza says, "What makes 'I Told Myself' even more special is the music track.
For instance, Janet Adelman's interpretation that the end represents not the redemptive reunification of Pericles and his family but the subsuming of the male by potent female sexuality, and thus a return to the incest of Antiochus's court, sits interestingly alongside Terry Hands's decision to double the part of Marina and Thaisa, and Ron Daniels's to present the play within a painted circle, doubling Dionyza and Marina.
Miller does nice work both as Thaisa's rescuer, Cerimon, and the treacherous Dionyza.
The acting is fine generally, and I particularly admired Jeffery Dench's Helicanus, Rula Lenska's Dionyza and Stephen Simms as her husband the Governor of Tharsus.