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(organic chemistry)
(C6H5)2NH Colorless leaflets, sparingly soluble in water; melting point 54°C; used as an additive in propellants to increase the storage life by neutralizing the acid products formed upon decomposition of the nitrocellulose. Also known as phenylaniline.



an aromatic amine, C6H5NHC6H5; colorless crystals that darken upon exposure to light and have a slight characteristic odor. Melting point, 54°C; boiling point, 302°C. It is insoluble in water but soluble in most organic solvents. In industry, it is made by heating aniline, C6H5NH2, with aniline hydrochloride at 200°-230°C. It is used to make dyes and numerous organic intermediates (acridine, carbazole, and others), for stabilizing cellulose nitrate powders, and in colorimetric determination of some oxidizing agents (for example, nitric and nitrous acids).

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Indicator solution #1 was prepared as a methanol solution with 1% w/w diphenylamine and 5% hydrochloric acid.
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Adaptation of the diphenylamine (DPA) assay to a 96-well plate tissue culture format and comparison with the MTT assay.
Vanox 1887 is a liquid, low-color diphenylamine that acts as an anti-scorch stabilizer when added to a polyol that already contains an inhibitor.
Tenders are invited for Diphenylamine Conforming To Specification Jss 6810-129-2009 Revision No 2.
ETHANOX lubricant antioxidants include phenolic and diphenylamine antioxidants and special blends to enhance thermal stability, reduce sludge formation and extend the useful life of lubricants in virtually any application.
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Antioxidant 405 is a diphenylamine antidegradant that is said to offer excellent heat and oxidation resistance to most natural and synthetic polymers.
Net income for the fourth quarter of 2002 included a $5 million after-tax charge related to asset write-downs associated with the shutdown of a pipeline in Syracuse, NY and a related refined products terminal and a 140 million pounds-per-year aniline and diphenylamine (chemicals) production unit in Haverhill, Ohio.
Appendix 1--compounding ingredients ZMMBI (Vulkanox ZMB 2/C5) Zinc-4-and 5-methyl-2-mercaptobenzimidazole from Lanxess CDPA (Luvomaxx CDPA) p-dicumyl diphenylamine from Lehmann & Voss MgO Maglite D magnesium oxide from HallStar ZnO Kadox 920 zinc oxide from Horsehead Stearic acid Edenor C, 18 98-100 from Cognis Carbon black N 990 Carbon black from Cabot Carbon black N 660 Carbon black from Cabot Plasthall TOTM Trioctyl trimellitate available from HallStar Polyether ester type plasticizer ADK CIZER RS735 from Adeka Palmorale Mistron Vapor talc Magnesium silicate (talc) from Luzenac America Vinyl silane vinyl tris (methoxyethoxy) silane from Witco TAIC DIAK #7 triallylisocyanurate from R.
This expansion project further demonstrates Aristech's commitment to the merchant aniline and diphenylamine markets to continue to supply, on a consistent basis, products of the highest quality from a world-class facility," said Charles Costanza, vice president-chemicals.