Diploma Project

Diploma Project


the final independent, comprehensive project of a student in a higher or secondary specialized technical educational institution. The diploma project consists of theoretical or experimental research, calculations, designs, and an explanatory note that includes substantiation of the project’s technical and economic feasibility and computed-structural data. The subject of a diploma project includes the basic questions that an engineer or technician will encounter in production and corresponds to the extent of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired during the period of instruction in the higher educational institution or technicum.

A diploma project is defended at an open meeting of the state examination commission of higher educational institutions or at an open meeting of the state qualification commission of technicums. A diploma project may be defended at either an educational institution or at an enterprise or institution for which the subject of the project being defended is of scientific-theoretical or practical interest.

In certain, mainly technological, specialities, the diploma project is replaced by a diploma thesis. Graduating students who have defended a diploma project are awarded diplomas certifying the appropriate qualifications.

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Also in year 2016, IBTO and UPEC 12 signed a MoU for launching a joint diploma project.
Chamber of Commerce, the Brookings Institution, the First Five Years Fund, International Baccalaureate, College Summit, the Library of Congress, the American Diploma Project, and many others.
Julian," her diploma project from Lucerne University, won multiple awards on the festival circuit.
This was a self-initiated Graduate Diploma project by the team of design student of MIT ID to help Deaf Dancers learn and perform dance steps by this Choreography device called "Sway".
Portfolio Building and ends with a Diploma Project.
We are now planning to implement my diploma project which will lead to a more cost-effective method of manufacturing one of our premium products and will enable us to extend this product range.
One of the most memorable works during my days at Alba was the opportunity to develop the 'Museum of War' in Lebanon as my diploma project.
At the same time, a relatively new concept of capstone courses developed in the last five years, fueled in part by the work of the American Diploma Project (ADP), which supports state efforts to ensure that all students are college and career ready.
Achieve, which promotes standards-based education reform efforts across the states through initiatives such as the American Diploma Project, has begun to include more focus on career readiness in addition to college readiness.
He built the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as part of a mechatronics diploma project at Dubai Men's College (DMC) along with self-professed robotics fanatic, Mohammad Al Shamsi, 25.
Today is the day that marks the beginning of a new and much-improved generation of assessments for America's schoolchildren," Duncan told educators and advocates from around the country attending the American Diploma Project Network.
A variety of related materials, such as Secretary Duncan's remarks at Achieve's American Diploma Project (ADP) Leadership Team meeting, are listed in a new blog entry.

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