Diplomatic Action

Diplomatic Action


in international law, the totality of actions directed toward the achievement of a certain diplomatic goal and the attainment of a concrete diplomatic task. Diplomatic action is an official statement of action undertaken by the head of state, the government, the department of foreign affairs, diplomatic representatives, or other state organs of foreign relations with respect to some questions of international relations or international law. Diplomatic actions are distinguished by form and by content: in form, they may be expressed in a particular kind of diplomatic document; in content, the action may be a protest, warning, or the like. According to the UN Charter, the content of a diplomatic action may not include the use or threat of force.

Diplomatic etiquette—that is, the observance of different accepted formalities or conventions in manners, the use of a particular language, etc.—plays a large role in the execution of a diplomatic action. Thus, for example, one of the diplomatic languages—considered to be French, English, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese—is employed in a diplomatic action. At the same time, it is customary that one state’s organs of foreign relations accredited in another state use the language of the host state, while the representatives of a foreign state use the language of the state they represent. The system of relations between diplomatic organs and the organs of foreign relations of a host state is very important for diplomatic action. It is established both by the laws of the host state and by international agreements.


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I also spoke this afternoon to German Foreign Minister (Frank-Walter) Steinmeier where we agreed on the need for international diplomatic action to address the crisis.
Close coordination and united diplomatic action by the international community are pre-requisites for his success.
Journalists have been risking their lives to cover the bloody popular uprising over the last year, and everyone remembers the storm of protest and diplomatic action when foreign journalists were killed in Homs.
MPS have demanded Bahrain take diplomatic action against Russia and China for failing to condemn Syria's crackdown against anti-government protesters.
Leading GCC and American Corporations Support the Initiative Young Arab Leaders (YAL), the region's foremost development platform for business, public sector and civil society leaders, has partnered with Business for Diplomatic Action, America's leading private-sector led public diplomacy initiative to organise the second Arab American Business Fellowship (AABF) program.
It was also a strenuous political and diplomatic action.
Fassi Fihri, who presented the 2011 budget of his Department to the House of Councellors' Committee on Foreign Affairs, borders, occupied areas and national defense, said that the Moroccan diplomacy has decided to renew its mechanisms, as part of a comprehensive reform aimed at upgrading the diplomatic action to become more professional, innovative and bold to serve the national causes, mainly the territorial integrity.
organizations signifying their commitment to go out to their networks to ask them to serve as E-Mentors: The Kauffmann Foundation and Global Entrepreneurship Week, Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), Endeavor, Techwadi, Intel, IBM, Ernst & Young, Financial Services Volunteer Corps, TechStars, Babson College, Global Business School Network and Businesses for Diplomatic Action.
Mishra said, after the Mumbai attack, though the Government said that there won't be any military action but would launch diplomatic action, but in fact there was no action at all.
As for the main elements of the strategy designed to keep up the nation's mobilization and support the untiring efforts of diplomatic service, HM the King insisted on the need to bolster diplomatic action with bold, parallel initiatives to be undertaken by Parliament, political parties, human rights associations, civil society and the media with a view to defending the Kingdom's just cause.
Business for Diplomatic Action, a non-profit, non-partisan organization working to enlist the U.
It is organised by the Young Arab Leaders (YAL) in partnership with Business for Diplomatic Action, the US Centre for Citizen Dip-lomacy and the National US Arab Chamber of Comm-erce.

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