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Diplomatic Corps


the members of the diplomatic personnel of diplomatic missions stationed in a given country. In the narrow sense, a diplomatic corps consists of the heads of embassies and legations, who are in residence in a given country. In the broad sense, a diplomatic corps includes all individuals who have been given a diplomatic card by the state of residence, including attaches and sometimes even the personal doctors and secretaries of the ambassador.

In most states it is the practice for the head of a diplomatic mission to submit a list of individuals for whom diplomatic privileges and immunities are required. The protocol section of the ministry of foreign affairs registers this list and then periodically issues a list of all the members of the diplomatic corps. (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR publishes such an official list twice a year.)

The diplomatic corps usually has a senior member (the doyen or dean), who is senior by class and first in terms of the time he has served in the given country in a particular class of diplomatic representation. He instructs his colleagues on local diplomatic customs and heads the diplomatic corps. The seniority of the head of the representatives of a given class in the diplomatic corps is determined by the date and hour when he began to fulfill his functions. In practice, in the overwhelming majority of states, including the USSR, seniority is calculated from the time of the presentation of credentials. The diplomatic corps is not a political union or organization, and it fulfills only ceremonial functions. Collective actions of the diplomatic corps are possible only in ceremonial (protocol) questions.


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Also present was Lebanese Charge d' Affaires, Constantine Tabet, and members of the Lebanese Embassy and the diplomatic corp accredited in Cyprus.
Tel Aviv, May 9 -- The Embassy of Sri Lanka hosted a daylong event with the Sri Lankan community in Israel to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year on 13th April 2013 at the Beth Dani Hall in Tel Aviv amidst the presence of a large gathering of dignitaries from the Diplomatic Corp and senior Israeli officials from various governmental agencies.
Nayla Mouawad; and a wide number of ministers, deputies, Arab and foreign diplomatic corp members, as well as social, military, economic and media figures.
According to a message received here, the reception was attended by more than 200 Malaysian dignitaries from civil and armed forces, business community, expatriate Pakistanis, diplomatic Corp and Defence attach of various countries including USA, China, Italy, and France.
The Sri Lanka Deputy High Commission also organized a reception on 5th February evening at the new Chancery premises where around 300 invitees including Tamil Nadu Government officials, members of the diplomatic Corp, members of the business community, media, academics, Think Tanks and friends of Sri Lanka in Southern India had attended.
His Excellency Hamid Mohammed Al Qutami, Education Minister of UAE was the Chief Guest and large members of Diplomatic Corp, Businessmen, Sri Lankans attended the dinner reception.
This event was well attended by the diplomatic Corp, Thai government officials, members of the Sri Lankan Community and Thai nationals.
The High Commission also organized a reception to mark the Independence Day at the Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur in the evening of 4 th February with the participation of Diplomatic Corp in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Government officials and Trade Chambers.
Speaking at the National Day Reception held on 05 February 2013, on the Occasion of the 65th Aniversary of the Independence of Sri Lanka, attended by the members of the Diplomatic Corp, officers of the Belgium Government and the European Institutions and the prominent personalities, held at the Hotel Radisson Blue Royal, Ambassador Amza stated that "Sri Lanka's relations with the Europe is closely linked to over 400 years of European presence in Sri Lanka.
It is important for us as a country to be part of the diplomatic corps at the Vatican, particularly at this time in the life of the Church and the role that Pope Francis is playing.
and its diplomatic corps via a responsive, technically refreshed and secure global DTS network," said Bob Kennedy, vice president of government enterprise services at CSC.
Yuri Proshin, director general, Moscow's Main Administration for Services to the Diplomatic Corps.